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Stan Bicknell

Miami Horror - Tonight Alive

Kimbra  - Ecca Vandel 

"Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable"

An approach to building facility on the kit.

Oh YES, WE DID! is very proud to present drumming powerhouse Stan Bicknell in masterclass. here, Stan  will breakdown his logical approach to developing facility on the kit. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into this monster players’ approach to performance which is not only masterful but explosive. This masterclass was presented LIVE on the 17th of March, 2020 and is available to watch now.


Stan Bicknell is a unique talent in the modern world of drumming. Boasting a career of over 20 years which has found him, touring and recording with artists such as Kimbra, Ecca Vandal, and Miami Horror as well as running the highly respected Drummers Summit Melbourne (one of AUs largest shedding community).

Stan decided to break from his successful life as a touring musician,  focusing on developing his playing as well as raising his family and growing his wholesale coffee roasting business, Rumble Coffee Roasters.

He filled the void of live performance by turning his creativity to Instagram which has him now seated as one of the most followed drummers on the platform.    

He is best known for his creative chops, deep pocket and incredible single kick technique as well as his strong work ethic and focussed mindset, always sighting the basics of discipline as the secret to his success. 

2020 will see Stan back on stage filling in with pop/punk band Tonight Alive, as well as prepping for a Yamaha Drum Clinic tour and performing at more drum festivals locally, and overseas.

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Recorded Tuesday 17th of March 2020